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A Man’s Body Was Discovered on the 110 Freeway Transition Road in South L.A.


The California Highway Patrol says that a person was found Thursday morning in “unknown circumstances” in South Los Angeles on a transition lane off the 110 Freeway.

At 6:36 a.m., a report came in that a man was sleeping on the side of the highway. Officer Moises Marroquin of the California Highway Patrol said that the person was found on a transition lane between the southbound 110 Freeway and the westbound 105 Freeway. At the scene, the person was said to be dead.

Marroquin said that the road was closed for about 212 hours while the body was removed and the scene was checked. At the time, there were no other details. Marroquin said he didn’t know what happened to the body or if detectives were looking into it.

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