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A Lone Hacker Out for Vengeance Claims Responsibility for Shutting Off North Korea’s Internet Access| Complete Info!


The latest internet outage in North Korea has been blamed on a lone American hacker.
Wired said that the hacker was motivated by retribution after being the victim of a North Korean cyberattack.
A distributed denial-of-service attack, according to some analysts, may have been to blame for the failures.
Two times in the last month, North Korean state-run websites were rendered inaccessible due to what some suspected was an attack on the country’s servers by a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). According to an article published by Wired on Tuesday, a lone hacker seeking vengeance claimed responsibility for halting the internet in the clandestine country.

American hacker P4x told Wired that North Korean spies targeted him and other Western security experts last year in a cyberattack. He expressed his displeasure at being singled out as a target and the apparent lack of action taken by the United States.

This hacker claimed that he managed to stop the hackers from stealing hacking tools and information on software vulnerabilities before they could do any real damage. Nonetheless, he told Wired, there was a tinge of bitterness.

‘If they don’t see we have teeth, it’s simply going to keep coming,’ P4x said to Wired.

Lone Hacker
Lone Hacker

As a result of your attack, some of your infrastructures will be unavailable for a period of time.

At the same time as North Korea was conducting record-breaking illegal weapons testing and firing missile after missile, strange internet problems arose. Experts suspected that a state actor, such as the United States, was targeting North Korea because of the timing of these developments, but P4x maintained that was not the case.

According to Wired, P4x demonstrated his involvement in the attacks on North Korean websites by providing screen recordings. These have not been examined by Insider.

It’s unclear why P4x didn’t reveal the flaws he discovered and exploited to bring down North Korea’s whole Internet infrastructure on many occasions, even though he was forthright about claiming responsibility for the assaults. He said indicating the attack was primarily automated.

The ease with which he could have an impact there, he told Wired, “was very interesting.”

P4x also told Wired that he was looking for other “hacktivists” to join the FUNK project, a dark website he started earlier this week, which stands for FU North Korea.

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FUNK’s website boasts that “you can make a difference as one person,” according to Wired. In order to prevent North Korea from hacking the Western world unchecked, we must conduct proportional attacks and acquire intelligence.

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