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A 12-year-old boy in Southern California calls 911 when his father is allegedly driving drunk with him in the car.


A scared 12-year-old boy called 911 when his father allegedly took him without telling him and tried to drive drunk from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

“I need help. My dad wants to take me to Sin City. He’s not himself, “During the frantic phone call, the dispatcher can hear what the boy is saying.

The boy was saved by the police, but only after his allegedly drunk father got to the Inland Empire.
The event took place on Oct. 26. Ayden, who is 12 years old, called the CHP dispatcher center in L.A. because he thought his father was driving drunk.

The man is said to have taken Ayden away from a birthday party without telling anyone. At first, they told Ayden that they were going to the park.

In the 911 call, Ayden can be heard telling the dispatcher what kind of car his dad was driving and that it had “Raider plates on the front and back.” He tried to give them the number on the license plate, but it was missing a letter, which made it hard for the dispatchers to find the car.

“Everything was pretty busy. We’re trying to find places for the officers. We’re trying to get everyone the information, “April Gingras said when she thought back on the event.
As the dispatchers helped Ayden, the call was cut off, but the boy could call 911 again. Dispatchers talked to Ayden on the phone for more than an hour to find out where the moving car was.

At one point, they told Ayden to stick his hand out of the car and wave so officers could find it. That’s when Ayden’s dad pulled over off the 15 Freeway near Baseline Road. Authorities say that the dad was wearing a Las Vegas Raiders football helmet at the time.

The boy was given back to his family in good shape.
Laurie Watson, who works as a dispatcher, said, “We did a great job.” “We’re just happy,” she said.

The boy’s father was arrested and is being charged with DUI and child abuse, among other things.


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