500 US-Bound Migrants Rescued in Mexico: Over Half Children Found in Roadside Compound


Mexico’s immigration agency declared late Friday night that it had discovered 491 migrants hidden along a highway east of the country. Almost all of the 277 children and teens within the migrants were traveling with close relatives. However, 52 of the children were unaccompanied, according to the agency. 

Only six were from Honduras; the rest were from Guatemala. Along a renowned smuggling route, the migrants were being held in a walled compound outside the city of Puebla. They were transferred to the National Institute of Migration headquarters so that they could receive water, food, and medical care, the organization told CBS News in a statement.

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Migrant Smuggling in Mexico: Concealment in Structures En Route to the U.S. Border

Photo by: INM/ Handout via Reuters

In Mexico, couriers frequently conceal migrants in these structures until they can join buses or trucks bound for the U.S. border. Thursday, a federal appeals court ruled to provisionally keep in place rules from the Biden administration that restrict the flow of asylum-seekers at the southern border in order to halt the influx of migrants making the perilous crossing.

Under the policy, migrants seeking legal entry into the United States must either use the CBP One App to schedule an appointment or file for protection in transiting countries before seeking asylum in the United States.The rule was scheduled to expire on Monday after a lower court ruled that it was unconstitutional.

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Source: New York Post

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