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20 Murdered, 74 Sickened by Contaminated Cocaine in Argentina| More Info!


As part of a dispute between traffickers, judicial officials are investigating whether the cocaine was purposely tainted.

The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina — Health officials in Buenos Aires claimed early Thursday that 20 people had died and 74 others had been gravely harmed by a batch of supposedly tainted cocaine that was being hunted down in a desperate effort to remove it from the streets before it was ingested.

Experts were still trying to figure out what was in the medicine that led to the deaths of so many people. Some prosecutors believe the cocaine was tampered with to settle personal scores amongst traffickers, which is one possibility being explored by investigators.

Authorities in San Martin, an Argentine suburb to the north of the capital, stated the cocaine was sold in the impoverished “Puerta 8” neighborhood, and that a dozen people had been arrested.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Attorney General Marcelo Lapargo of San Martin informed Todo Noticias that “there is no precedence” in the case. As a result of the escalating crisis and the changing form of human trafficking, “I pray I never see it again.”


Initial reports stated that eight members of the same group had died after purchasing the medicine on Tuesday, but that number has since been revised to six. However, as time went on, the death toll rose. Early on Thursday, the province’s health ministry said that 20 people had died and 74 others were hospitalized, with 18 of them requiring mechanical respiration.

As Lapargo put it, “We must remove the poison from the market and cease its sale.” In light of the number of patients hospitalized, “there must be a lot of people with a bag in their pocket, and this incredibly high risk must be stopped.”

Authorities have issued a warning to anyone who may have purchased the lethal medicine.

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Sergio Berni, the Buenos Aires province’s security minister, urged “people who have acquired drugs in the recent 24 hours to abandon what they bought.”

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