12-year-old Socal Boy Calls 911 as His Intoxicated Father Drives: ‘I Need Help’


A terrified 12-year-old boy dialled 911 after his father allegedly took him without notice and attempted to drive drunk from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
“I require assistance. My father is attempting to take me to Vegas. He’s behaving strangely “During the frantic phone call, the boy is heard telling dispatchers.
Authorities were able to save the boy, but only after his allegedly inebriated father arrived in the Inland Empire.

The incident occurred on October 26. Ayden, a 12-year-old boy, called the CHP dispatcher centre in Los Angeles, believing his father was driving drunk.

The man allegedly picked up Ayden from a birthday party without informing anyone. Ayden was initially informed that they would be going to the park.

In the 911 call, Ayden can be heard telling the dispatcher the type of car his father was driving and describing how it has “Raider plates on the front and in the back.”

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He attempted to give them a licence plate number, but it was incomplete, making it difficult for dispatchers to locate the vehicle.
“Everything was a little frantic.

We’re working hard to get officers in place. We’re working hard to get the word out to everyone “April Gingras, a dispatcher, recalled the incident.

The call was disconnected while dispatchers assisted Ayden, but the boy was able to call 911 again. Dispatchers were on the phone with Ayden for more than an hour, trying to figure out where the moving car was.

At one point, they instructed Ayden to reach his hand out of the car and wave so that cops might locate the vehicle. That’s when Ayden’s father pulled over off the 15 Freeway near Baseline Road.

Authorities said the father was wearing a Las Vegas Raiders football helmet at the time.

The boy was safely returned to his family.

“We did an excellent job,” dispatcher Laurie Watson remarked. “And we’re just glad.”

The boy’s father was arrested and faces DUI and child abuse charges.

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