$1.25 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Looms After No Win


Shortly after no securing ticket claimed the jackpot at Tuesday night’s drawing, the Mega Millions top prize increased to more than $1 billion. The lucky numbers that emerged in the drawing on Tuesday night were Mega Ball 12, 8, 24, 30, 45, and 61.

According to a lottery press release issued early Wednesday, the estimated $1.25 billion prize for the forthcoming drawing on Friday night would be the fourth-largest payment in Mega Millions history. According to Mega Millions, Friday’s scheduled drawing will be the 31st since the jackpot was last won in New York on April 18.

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Fortunes Made in Texas Lottery, Despite No Jackpot Winner

Photo by: Seth Wenig via AP

Although no one won the jackpot, several people found fortune in the drawing. One Texas lottery ticket that had the first five numbers correct and the Megaplier activated earned $4 million. Without the Megaplier, six additional tickets that matched the first five numbers each won $1 million. 

Two of the remaining four tickets were purchased in California, while the others were purchased in Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. According to a news release from Mega Millions, the overall amount of winning tickets at all prize levels continues to rise along with the jackpot, and the August 1 drawing produced a total of 4,904,910 winning tickets throughout all prize tiers.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot to date was won in South Carolina in 2018, totaling $1.537 billion. Following it are a $1.337 billion prize from last July and a $1.348 billion ticket that was sold in Maine in January.

The fourth-largest Mega Millions payment to history, worth $1.05 billion, was won by a ticket bought in Michigan in 2021. The third-largest Powerball jackpot was won last month after a ticket purchased at a Los Angeles convenience store had all the winning numbers.

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Source: CNN, NPR

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